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This is Done to Find Happiness

Often we fear the future. They say today is a global recession. But there are key happiness we need to do so would be a comfortable life. Consider the following:

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
3. Prioritizing foods derived from plants and reduce food produced from the factory.
4. Live with 3 E is Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
5. Take time to practice meditation, yoga and prayer.
6. Play many games.
7. Read more than the previous year.
8. Sit in silence every day at least 10 minutes.
9. Sleep for 7 hours.
10. Take 10-30 minutes to walk each day. Do it with a smile.

1. Do not compare your life with others.
2. Do not have a negative thought that you can not control. Better to invest in things that are positive.
3. Do not be too excessive. Remember that there are limits on yourself.
4. Do not be too serious. No one is doing it.
5. Do not spend your time to gossip.
6. Forget the past. Do not remember the mistakes your partner in the past, which prevented your happiness in the future.
7. Life is very short to hate others. Do not hate.
8. Make peace with your past so it does not ruin your future.
9. No charge of your happiness except you.
10. Realize that life is school and you present the world to learn.
11. Smile and laugh as much as possible.

1. Talk with your family as often as possible.
2. Each day give something good to others.
3. Forgive everyone for everything.
4. Give time to those who are aged over 70 and under 6 years old.
5. Try giving a smile to at least 3 people every day.
6. What was thought by others is not your business.
7. Your work will not care when you are sick. Stay in touch with friends.

1. Do the right thing.
2. Whatever situation we face, good or bad, it will change.
3. No matter what you feel, get up, berdandanlah and show yourself.
4. Remember that the best will surely come.
5. If you wake up in the morning, give thanks to God.
6. Be always happy. Always Happy.

The Secret Behind Kiss

Experts said the action will be followed by the release of a kiss chemicals that can reduce stress hormones. "Chemical Compounds in the saliva could be a way to assess a partner," said Wendy Hill, professor of Neuroscience at the Lafayette College when the show titled American Association for the Advancement of Science took place.

In an experiment, Hill explains, heterosexual couples who are college students had experienced changes in levels of oxytocin and kortisolnya chemical compounds when they do the kissing scene for 15 minutes while listening to music. Oxytocin, said Hill, affect their relationship partner, while cortisol associated with stress. Chemical compounds in the blood and salivary glands examined and compared before and after the kiss lasted. Both men and women has decreased cortisol levels after the kiss, indicating levels of stress also decreased. For men, when a kiss, oxytocin levels increase in interest in a strong mark on their partner, while in women oksitosinnya is decreasing. "Of course this is shocking," said Hill.

In a test group that examines the effect of holding hands, chemical changes also occur in this action, but not much can be disclosed or the results are not much different. This experiment, Hill said, done at student health center at the college. He plans to repeat it with the draft "in a more romantic atmosphere." Together with Helen Fisher of Rutgers University and Donald Lateiner from Ohio University, Hill spoke at a session titled "The Science of Kissing."

Fisher himself noted, more than 90 percent of the world community to do the kiss. This action is believed to have three components, among others, sex drive, romantic love and attachment to someone. Sex drive to encourage someone to assess and determine each partner, while romantic love cause they focus on an individual, and attachment to someone, he says, makes this one personal leave for long periods raising children together.

Men, he says, tend to think that a kiss is the beginning nge-sex or copulation. He stressed, men tend to prefer any kiss. Even so, the chemical compound can be mixed male testosterone in the saliva of women. Testosterone increases sex drive for men and women. "When you kiss, certain parts of the brain active," he added. Romantic love can last a long time, "If you kiss the right person."

Lateiner, scholar of classical science, observing that the kiss sometimes appear in Greek and Roman art, though widely used in addition to the activities of skin kiss someone. Therefore, potentially dangerous to human life if the kiss was performed on the wrong person and when that is not quite right. In general, the science of smell-philematology-still continue to run.

Bad Habits that Can Damage the Brain

The human brain consists of more than 100 billion nerve, each associated with 10 thousand other nerve. Imagine, with the complexity of the brain like that, then you must love your brain enough to avoid bad habits that are often overlooked. The brain is a vital organ which is the controlling center of the central nervous system. Brain organize and coordinated most of the movement, behavior and homeostatic body functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, body fluid balance and body temperature. The brain is also responsible for functions such as recognition, emotion. memory, motor learning and all other forms of learning. It is indeed a very complex task and many. So, avoid bad habits below if you still want your brain to work properly.

1. Do not want breakfast
Many people underestimate the breakfast, but do not consume food in the morning caused a decline in blood sugar levels. This resulted in a lack of input of nutrients to the brain which finally ended in degeneration of the brain.

2. Most meals
Too much food harden the brain arteries that usually lead to the decline in mental powers.

3. Smoke
Smoking was very horrific result of our brain. Imagine, our brains may shrink and eventually loses its functions. No doubt in time we are prone to Alzheimer's old.

4. Consuming too much sugar
Too much intake of sugar will inhibit the absorption of protein and nutrients that the body's nutritional deficiencies and impaired brain development.

5. Air Pollution
The brain is the body that absorbs the most air. Too long in the environment with air pollution makes the brain works inefficiently.

6. Sleep deprivation
Sleep gives the brain a chance to rest. Often neglect sleep makes the brain cells actually die of fatigue.

7. Head covered while sleeping
Sleeping with the head covered is a bad habit that is very dangerous because the carbon dioxide produced during sleep the brain is concentrated so polluted. Do not be surprised if over time the brain becomes damaged.

8. Thinking too hard when you're sick
Working hard or studying when the body is not fit also exacerbates the ineffectiveness of the brain.

9. Lack of brain stimulation
Thinking is the best way to train the brain. Less to think it makes the brain shrink and ultimately does not work optimally.

10. Rarely speak
Intellectual conversations usually bring a good effect on the brain.

The terms in the internet

Advanced Digital Network. Usually refers to a 56Kbps-speed leased line channel.

Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line. A type of DSL where the upstream and downstream runs at different speeds. In this case, downstream are usually higher. A common configuration allows up to 1.544 mbps downstream (megabits per second) and 128 kbps (kilobits per second) for upstream. In theory, ASDL can serve to speed up to 9 Mbps downstream and 540 Kbps for upstream.

Anonymous FTP
FTP sites that are accessible without having a specific login. Standard rules in Anonymous FTP access is to fill in "Anonymous" in the Username field and your email address as a password.

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The network that became forerunner of the formation of the Internet. Built in the late 60s to early 70s decade by the United States Department of Defense as an experiment to establish a large-scale network (WAN) that connects computers in different locations with different systems but can also be accessed as a unit to be able to mutually utilize their respective resources.

American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Standards that apply throughout the world to be a number code that represents the characters, either letters, numbers, and symbols used by the computer. There are 128 standard ASCII characters, each represented by a seven digit binary numbers ranging from 0000000 to 1111111.

High-speed line or a series of connections that became the main route in a network.

Quantity that indicates the number of data that can be passed in a channel of communication on the network within a certain time unit.

Binary. That information is entirely composed of 0 and 1. This term usually refers to a non-formatted text files, as well as graphic files.

Binary digit. The smallest unit in the computation, consisting of a scale that has a value between 0 or 1.

Bits Per Seconds. Size stating how fast data is moved from one place to another.

Channel data transmission at high speeds and greater bandwidth capacity than conventional phone lines.

The name for the software (software) used to access the World Wide Web

A set of bits that represent a single character. Usually 1 byte will consist of 8 bits, but can also more, depending on the amount used.

Common Gateway Interface. A set of rules that direct how a web server to communicate with some software on the same machine and how most of the software (CGI program) communicates with the web server. Any software can be a CGI program if the software can handle input and output according to the CGI standard.

The name commonly used for the directory on the web server where CGI programs are stored.

Literally, the chat can be interpreted as a chat, but in the Internet world, this term refers to the activities of communication through means short lines of typed text through the keyboard.

Domain Name Service. A service on the Internet for a network that uses TCP / IP. This service is used to identify a computer by name rather than by using the IP address (IP address). In short control the conversion of names to numbers. DNS is decentralized, where each region or level of organization have their own domain. Each provides service control for a managed domain.

Digital Subscriber Line. A method of transferring data over regular phone lines. DSL circuits are configured to connect two specific locations, as well as on the Leased Line connection (DSL different to Leased Line). Connection via DSL is much faster than the connection through regular phone lines even though they both use a copper cable. Configuring DSL allows upstream and downstream runs at different speeds (see ASDL) and in the same speed (see SDSL). DSL offers a cheaper alternative compared to ISDN.

The term for the activity to copy data (usually a file) from a computer that is connected in a network to your local computer. The download process is the opposite of upload.

The term that refers to the speed of the flow of data from another computer to your local computer via a network. This term is the opposite of the upstream.

Electronic Mail. Messages, usually text, sent from one address to another address in the Internet network. An email address representing many email addresses at once called a mailing list. An email address usually has a kind of format username@host.domain, for example: myname@mydomain.com.

The combination of hardware and software that separates a network into two or more parts for security reasons.

File Transfer Protocol. Standard protocol for traffic activity files (upload or download) between two computers connected with Internet network. Some systems require FTP to be accessed only by those who have a right to it with a certain login mengguinakan. Much more accessible to the public anonymously. FTP sites are called anonymous FTP.

In a technical sense, this term refers to the hardware and software setup that translates between two different protocols. More general understanding for this term is a mechanism that provides access to another system that is connected in a network.

General Packet Radio Service. One of the wireless communication standard (wireless). Compared with protocol WAP, GPRS has the advantage in speed that can reach 115 kbps and the support of the wider applications, including graphics and multimedia applications.

Home Page / Homepage
Home page of a website. Another notion is the default page that is set for a browser.

A computer in a network that provides services to other computers that are connected in the same network.

Hypertext Markup Language, is one variant of SGML that is used in the exchange of documents through the HTTP protocol.

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, a protocol designed to transfer the HTML document used in the World Wide Web.

See World Wide Web.

Internet Message Access Protocol. A protocol designed for accessing e-mail. Another protocol is often used is POP.

A large number of networks that form the inter-connection network (Inter-connected networks) that connect through TCP / IP. Internet is a continuation of ARPANet.dan is probably the largest WAN networks that exist today.

A private network with a hierarchical system and the same with the Internet but is not connected to the Internet network and is only used internally ririskiky.

IP Address
IP address (Internet Protocol), the system of addressing in the network which is represented by a series of number of combination of 4 rows of numbers between 0 to 255, each separated by a period (.), From up to 255 255 255 255.

Integrated Services Digital Network. Basically, ISDN is a way to serve the data transfer at higher speeds over regular phone lines. ISDN allows data transfer speeds up to 128,000 bps (bits per second). Unlike DSL, ISDN can be connected with other locations such as telephone lines, as long as the location is also connected to the ISDN network.

Internet Service Provider. The term for the internet service provider.

Leased Line
Telephone lines or fiber optic cable leased for use 24 hours a day for connecting one location to another. High-speed Internet typically use this channel.

Identifier to access a closed system, consisting of a username (also called login name) and password (keywords).

Mailing List
It is also often termed as a mailing list, namely an email address used by a group of Internet users to conduct information exchange. Any messages sent to the address of a mailing list, will automatically be forwarded to the email address of all its members. Mailing generally used as a means of discussion or exchange of information among its members.

Multi Purpose Internet Mail Extensions. Extension email that was created to facilitate delivery through the attachment file in email.

Mail Transport Agent. Software that works to deliver e-mail to the user. The program for reading e-mail known as the MUA (Mail User Agent).

In the terminology of computers and the Internet, the network is a set of two or more computer systems are coupled and form a network. Internet is actually a network with a very large scale.

Network News Transfer Protocol. A protocol used to access or transfer articles posted on Usenet news. News reader program (news reader) to use this protocol to access the news. NNTP works on top of TCP / IP by using port 119.

A single computer that is connected in a network.

Packet Switching
A method used to move data in the Internet network. In packet switching, all packets of data sent from a node will be split into several parts. Each section has information about the origin and destination of the packet data. This allows a large number of pieces of data from various sources are sent simultaneously through the same channels, for then sorted and directed to different routes through the router.

A programming language developed by Larry Wall that is often used to implement CGI scripts on the World Wide Web. Implemented in a Perl language interpreter available for various operating systems, including Windows, Unix to Macintosh.

Post Office Protocol. Standard protocol used to retrieve or read e-mail from a server. POP Protocol to the last and most popular use is POP3. Other protocols are also commonly used IMAP. As for sending mail to an SMTP server is used.

Point to Point Protocol. A TCP / IP protocol commonly used to connect your computer to the Internet via a telephone line and modem.

Public Switched Telephone Network. The term for a conventional phone line cables.

Request For Comments. The term for the outcome and the process to create a standard in the internet. A new standard is proposed and published on the internet as a Request For Comments. This proposal will then be reviewed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), an agency that regulates the standardization on the Internet. If the standards are applied, then he will remain known as RFCs with a reference number or specific name, such as the standard format for email is RFC 822.

A computer or software package which is devoted to handle the connection between two or more networks that connect via packet switching. Router works by looking at the destination address and source address of data packets that pass through and decide the route to be used by these data packet to a destination.

Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line. One type of DSL that enables faster data transfer for the upstream and downstream runs at the same speed. SDSL is generally working at a speed of 384 kbps (kilobits per second).

Standard Generalized Markup Language. Popular name of the ISO Standard 8879 (in 1986) which is a standard ISO (International Organization for Standarization) to exchange documents electronically in the form of hypertext.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Standard protocol used to send an email to a server in the Internet network. For the purposes of making an email, use POP protocol.

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. A set of standard protocols used for connecting computer networks and put address traffic in the network. This protocol set the allowable data format, error handling (error handling), traffic messages, and other communications standards. TCP / IP must be able to work on all types of computers, without any unaffected by differences in hardware and operating system used.

The software is designed to access a remote host with text-based terminals, for example with VT100 emulation.

User Datagram Protocol. One of the protocols for data transfer that is part of the TCP / IP. UDP refers to data packets that do not provide information about their home address when the data packet is received.

Activity data transmission (a file) from your local computer to other computers are connected in a network. The opposite of this activity is called downloading.

The term that refers to the speed of data flow from the local computer to another computer that is connected via a network. This term is the opposite of downstream.

Uniform Resource Identifier. An address that points to a resource on the internet. URI usually consists of a section called the scheme (scheme) which followed an address. URI accessed with the format scheme: / / alamat.resource or scheme: alamat.resource. For example, the URI address resources yahoo.com http://yahoo.com show that the scheme is via HTTP While HTTP is a scheme that is often used, but still available other schemes, such as telnet, FTP, News, and so forth.

Uniform Resource Locator. This term is basically the same with the URI, but the term URI is used more to replace the URL in technical specifications.

Usenet news, or also known as "Net news", or "news" only, is a very large bulletin board and spread all over the world that can be used to exchange the article. Anyone can access Usenet news is with certain programs, usually called a newsreader. Access to the news server can be done by using the NNTP protocol, or by reading directly to the spool directory to the directory in which news articles are (way past this is rarely done).

Unix to Unix Encoding. A method for mengkonfersikan files in binary format to ASCII for can be sent via email.

Voice over IP. VoIP is a mechanism to conduct a phone conversation (voice) with laying data from conversations over the Internet or intranet (which uses IP technology).

Virtual Private Network. This term refers to a network that some of them connect to the Internet network, but data traffic over the Internet from this network has undergone a process of encryption (scrambling). This makes the network is virtually "closed" (private).

Wireless Application Protocol. Standard protocol for wireless applications (such as those used in mobile phones). WAP is the result of cooperation among the industry to create an open standards (open standards). WAP based on Internet standards, and several protocols that have been optimized for wireless environments. WAP works in text mode with a speed of about 9.6 kbps. Later also developed the GPRS protocol which has several advantages over WAP.

Facilities sending, receiving, or reading an email through the web.

Wireless Fidelity. Industry standard for wireless data transmission (wireless) developed by the IEEE 802.11 standard specifications.

World Wide Web or "web" only, ie a system where the information in the form of text, images, sounds, and others presented in the form of hypertext and can be accessed by software called a browser. Information on the web are generally written in HTML format. Other information presented in graphic form (in the format GIF, JPG, PNG), sound (in AU format, WAV), and other multimedia objects (such as MIDI, Shockwave, Quicktime Movie, 3D World). WWW is run in a server called HTTPD.

The Result of Unique Works Made ​​of Porcelain

Seven Heroes Superman

You all already know the name of Superman. But what do you guys know that Superman was first created by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel and until now have many kinds? According to DC comics, Superman Other Superman came from another Multiverse with some background that may be different. Well, we just check the following ...

1. Superman (Kal-El)

Ordinary also referred to as Earth-1 Superman. This is the original Superman Superman the most frequently used and best known in general.

2. Superman (Kal-L)

Superman comes from the multiverse that is closest to Superman as we know, the Earth-2. This is the old version of Superman Superman Earth-1 that we can see from the side of gray hair. Sometimes it also appears in the comic version of his enemies so evil that Earth-1 Superman.

3. Superman-Prime

Superman first appeared in "Infinete Crisis # 2". There he was a Superboy. Over time, this Superman was no intention to reshape the earth that have been destroyed multiversenya handle links by Alexander Luthor Jr. assistance. Superman is finally defeated by the combined strength of Superman (kal-el) and Superman (kal-l).

4. Superman-Red/Superman-Blue

First appeared in the comic "Superman (vol. 1), # 162 (July 1963), written by Leo Dorfman, and drawings by Curt Swan. Superman has decided that he wanted to finish the goal that has not been resolved, including completion of the fighting city of Kandor. In order to achieve these objectives, Superman creates a machine, supported by various types of Kryptonite, which will increase his intelligence. The engine is able to increase intelligence Superman to 100-fold, but with an unexpected side effect, Superman split into two beings, Superman-Red and Superman -Blue.

5. Ultraman

Evil version of Superman. Superman is in the Earth-3, where the hero is just the evil version of Lex Luthor Justice League fight. Superman is his version comes from the krypton which does not explode and come to earth handle links by a mission to rule the earth.

6. Superman The Dark Side

Well, if we know the story of Superman, Superman was the son of krypton who was rushed from the planet krypton which would explode and landed on earth and adopted by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. Well, if Superman is different again. Superman was born on the planet Darkseid (Superman's enemies) that Akopolips planet. Here, he became a loyal follower of Darkseid. This Superman costume wearing black and red steel with 2 thunder emblem that resembles the shape of "S" her Superman.

7. Superman Speeding Bullets

The rocket was Kal-El in this comic does not fall in Smallville, where Superman grew up in the story should be original. But his own rocket landed in the city of Gotham, where Batman lives. Kal-El was discovered by a wealthy millionaire, Thomas and Martha Wayne. They decided to adopt a baby they found and named Bruce (so in this comic, Kal-El is actually tantamount to replace the role of Batman is eliminated).

At one point, Bruce witnessed his parents being shot by robbers, and died. Bruce was attacked robbers with Heat-visionnya, and for the first time he managed to find hidden strengths. However, it was already too late to save his parents. By reason of shame, Bruce was hiding his strength and create a new identity a few years later, Batman (the difference with Batman as we know, here his Batman mask full face no hole, aka Batman's mouth as we know it).

Bruce worked quell crime in the city of Gotham, but with brutal violence and action as well. Here, Bruce had to fight Lex Luthor is a genius, but it turned into madness because of his genius and a great enemy of Bruce, The Joker (the bald version). In the end Bruce made aware by his meeting with Louis Lane, who said, if needed in the city of Gotham is a hero who can give a sense of security and work in peace. So Bruce was throwing his identity as Batman, and began using his new identity as Superman.

10 Animals Cute and the Funniest in the World

10. Pipefish

These bony fish are in the same family with seahorse and sea dragon, but this fish is far more cute. Most of them live in salty waters, and a small part in fresh waters. Just as sea horses, fish, eggs membawa2 male the female for some time.

Funny fact: life love of fish is highly variable. Some species get married for a lifetime, and some females of some species was married with several males at the same time.

9. European Mole

Small insectivores are covered with bulu2 who hide most of its shape, which makes them very attractive. European mole spends most of his life underground, digging tunnels, and eat insects. They are known to have minimal vision, which is not required under the ground. They may be cute, but they can cause damage to the crop.

Funny fact: You can not kill tikus2 mole in Germany without permission.

8. Kiwi

Not that I mean kiwi fruit, but the kiwi bird! These birds originated from New Zealand and is the fattest hairy bird! The wings of birds has been reduced, making them unable to fly, but they have a very keen sense of smell. They eat insects, worms, leaves, and buah2an. There are five species known, and the fifth is a species that is endangered ...

Funny Fact: Kiwi eggs can reach 20% of the female body weight. It's just like a woman weighing 150 pounds body that gave birth to a baby dg weight of 30 pounds.

7. Angora Rabbit

The first time, maybe you think this animal is a giant ball, but in it there is a rabbit benar2. This large rabbit bred specifically for their fur. There are 4 descent who has been known.

6. Puffer Fish

Families these fish can swallow water (even air) quickly, very quickly, so that they can be bebentuk ball and menakut2i predators. This method is often save their lives, and some poisonous puffer fish.

Funny Fact: puffer fish has the world's smallest vertebrate genomes.

5. African Pygmy Hedgehog

Mammals are the most beautiful mammals in the family Erinaceidae. They can roll up his body to protect itself. Hedgehogs have been domesticated, so you may have to be maintained without much trouble.

Funny Facts: Check local laws first in your country before buying hedgehogs. Some places require a permit, while some benar2 forbid them to be maintained.

4. Dwarf Hamsters

This little rodent is more personable than their larger cousins. There are 3 species, but my favorite is Campbell's dwarf hamster. These animals come from China and Russia. They are sold as pets in almost any pet store. Chinese hamster is also personable and sometimes called dwarf hamsters, although they are not on the same genus.

3. Manatee

Sea cow is very fat, but very cute. Imutnya So, you definitely will want to hug him once. Unlike whales and lumba2, manatees are herbivores. They also have a kinship with the elephants and they are classified as endangered species because it continues to be hunted.

Funny fact: Manatee have toenails that are not useful on their fins.

2. Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Most of the caterpillar is disgusting, except that this worm. This cute caterpillar is the larva of the Isabella tiger moth. They eat a variety of plants.

1. Silky Anteater

This animal is a member of the family satu2nya Cyclopedidae. Latin name for this animal is didactylus Cyclopes. They live in trees and has a tail that can hold, and sharp claws. source