Kamis, 14 April 2011

Hot Pose Aura Kasih on Popular Magazine

Terseksi - Old invisible, Aura Kasih was currently preparing a new album. Unlike the two previous albums, Malaikat Penggoda (2008) and Puncak Asmara (2009), there will be no sad song in the newest album later. Not only that, Aura Kasih also will try out reggae music as a refresher.

"Let the music do not Malays continue, so I choose reggae music," she said, after watching a concert Bruno Mars at Istora Senayan, South Jakarta, on Tuesday night.

For the sake of smooth out these desires, Aura Kasih also took vocalist Blackout, Azizi. The singer was born in Bandung, February 23, 1988, will collaborate to sing a reggae song with him. That's also why, lately, she often spent time with Azizi to get the chemistry, before entering the kitchen recordings.

"My friends are all musicians. I learned a lot about music and the genre of songs. Incidentally does his voice (Azizi) good, and I feel more suited to collaborate with him," said Aura Kasih. [sourc]

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