Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Tran Hoang Bao, Model Cewek Sexy From Vietnam

Beautiful And Sexy Models 12 year old Vietnam?. Tran Hoang Bao Hoang Bao or full is Tran Le is a model from Vietnam are predicted to be a top model or a top model in Vietnam.

What is special about the figure of a Tran Hoang Bao besides having a beautiful face and sweet and sexy body is that it turns out he was 12 years old.
Here is a collection of photos Hoang Bao Tran is pretty and sexy even though the age of 12 years, unbelievable! unbelievable 12-year-olds is likely far more adult and mature than her age.
Born in 1998
Height : 1.72m
And she is Vietnamese.

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